Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kensuke's Kingdom

Hey there, Readers!  I was so excited to see several of you commenting that I decided that I needed to write a new post!  It sounds like you've gotten a good start on your summer reading on your first official day off!  While I was cleaning out the classroom today, I came across several books that I didn't share with you during the school year, so I thought I'd recommend them here. 

Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo is a book that I have previously read aloud several times.  Elyse reminded me of it on the last day of school when she pulled it off the shelf.  Kensuke's Kingdom is about Michael, a boy who goes sailing around the world with his parents and his dog, Stella.  Can you imagine taking off and sailing AROUND THE WORLD??  That would be amazing!  Anyway, Michael and his parents get about halfway along on their journey when Stella goes overboard during a storm.  In an attempt to grab her, Michael goes overboard as well.  After a long night, they both wash up on the shore of a "deserted" island.  Michael struggles to find food and water to survive.  Then, one morning, he wakes up to find food and water waiting for him.  The so-called deserted island is actually inhabited by a man named Kensuke.  It's a story of finding friendship in unexpected places and survival against all odds.  It is definitely a must read!

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